Cachaca Silver Fazenda Liberdade 6x750ml

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  • Alcohol Content: 40% by volume
  • Brand: Fazenda Liberdade
  • Color: Transparent
  • Type: Cachaça
  • Unit Size: 750ml
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Cachaçaria Liberdade comes from a very old tradition in the owner’s family. It comes from a history linked to the region of São Luiz do Paraitinga, Vale do Paraíba, tropeira region of the interior of the State of São Paulo, which in the last century, after a great economic development, suffered a period of recession with the decline of its agricultural production . The «Celeiro do Vale» already had worn-out soil and some crops, such as sugar cane, managed to maintain themselves and cachaça became a healthy source of income for several families of rural producers. In this story, comes the tradition of cachaça in the region and the secular recipe of Cachaça Fazenda Liberdade, when the proprietor’s grandfather, Plinio Antonio Mariotto and his family set up an alembic and started to manufacture artisanal cachaça in São Luiz do Paraitinga. takes pride in rescuing the centuries-old tradition of producing cachaça on the family’s property in São Luiz, respecting the artisanal production process, with the family’s own portfolio and recipes. And more than that, the satisfaction of being able to offer our customers a special product, of the highest quality! Enjoy our Cachaças! Enjoy with pleasure and moderation! Suitable for making varied drinks, full of flavors and considered a great option to liven up the summer afternoons.

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