Hearts of Palm Acai Organic Whole BR Tasty 15x300gr

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  • Brand: BR Tasty
  • Certifications: IFS
  • Unique Characteristc: Gluten-Free, Low Calorie, Non-GMO
  • Unit Size: 300g
  • Type: Canned Vegetables
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Hearts of Palm, also known as Palmito or Swamp Cabbage, is a vegetable harvested from the edible inner portion of a palm tree. These slender, cream-colored stalks closely resemble white asparagus (minus the tips), with a taste reminiscent of artichoke.
The highlight of Hearts o Palm is its versatility, for it can be consumed in salads, hot dishes, as appetizer, for pie filling and much more. In addition, its natural composition makes Hearts of Palm ideal for restrictive diets, such as Celiac, Keto, Low -Carb, Vegan and weight loss.
Harvested in Brazil from Acai Palm Trees, BR Tasty Hearts of Palm is a Premium product ideal to be used in Gourmet dishes. Its firm but soft consistency makes it ideal for hot dishes. A lightly sauteed Vitoria Gold is a perfect pair to a delicious meat or tossed with pasta.

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