Massa Pronta para Tapioca Rocha 20x500g

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  • Brand: Rocha
  • Unique Characteristc: Gluten-Free, Healthy
  • Unit Size: 500g
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Tapioca Rocha is obtained through a rigorous process of hydration of cassava gum aiming at the conservation of all nutritional benefits of cassava in a single product. The product has its own production line ensuring total exemption from gluten, lactose and soy derivatives, providing greater safety for consumers. Being a great option for those looking for healthier, nutritious and tastier eating.

The nutritional value of tapioca is at the mercy of its fillings. The healthier the follow-up, the more beneficial your consumption will be. Therefore, to enhance its benefits, use it with lighter and richer ingredients such as fruits, lean cheeses, leaves, tomatoes and basil.

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