Pre Mix for Cheese Bread PQ100 Olinda 55LB

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  • Brand: Incol
  • Unit Size: 55Lbs
  • Unique Characteristc: Gluten-Free
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“Tapioca is obtained through a rigorous process of hydrating cassava gum to preserve all the nutritional benefits of cassava in a single product.

The dough is already ready for preparation without the need for sifting and there is also no need to grease the container used for preparation (such as pots and pans of your choice).

The product has its own production line guaranteeing total freedom from gluten, lactose and soy derivatives, providing greater safety for consumers. Being a great option for those looking for a healthier, nutritious and tasty diet.

The nutritional value of tapioca is at the mercy of its fillings. The healthier the side dish, the more beneficial its consumption will be. Therefore, to maximize its benefits, use it with lighter and richer ingredients such as fruits, low-fat cheeses, leaves, tomatoes and basil.”

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