Wine Sparkling Moscatel Rose Monte Paschoal 6x750ml

  • SKU: 7897015222038
  • Alcohol Content: 10%
  • Aroma: Floral, Fruity
  • Brand: Monte Paschoal
  • Color: Light
  • Palate: Fruity, Light, Refreshing, Sparkling, Sweet
  • Unit Size: 750ml
  • Variety: Muscats
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Alcohol Content: 7.5% by volume
Type: Muscats
Aroma: Fruity and Floral
Color: Light, Transparent
Palate: Light, refresing, fruity, sweet . A relaxing sparkling wine to toast to the good moments of life or to accompany a friendly conversation. It can be served with canapes and because of its sweet flavor it goes really well with desserts such as cake, ice cream and syrup fruits.

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