Cachaca Extra Premium 12 Years Weber Haus 1x750ml

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  • Alcohol Content: 38%
  • Aging: 12 Years
  • Aroma: Woody
  • Brand: Weber Haus
  • Color: Gold
  • Origin: Ivoti, Brazil
  • Producer: Weber Haus Distillery
  • Unit Size: 750ml
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Weber Haus Extra Premium 12 Years is aged for 6 years in French Oak barrels and 6 years in Balsamo Barrels. It has a woody and very striking aroma and palate, in its bouquet we can identify caramel, chocolate, honey, vanilla, and some species such as cloves and cinnamon. In the mouth it is very velvety, making it light, with an unparalleled taste
Alcohol Content: 38% by volume
Type: Cachaca
Aroma: Rich, woody
Color: Gold
Aging: 12 years
Wood: French Oak and Balsam
Origin: Ivoti, RS, Brazil
Producer: Weber Haus Distillery

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