Vodka Organic Rota 48 12x1L

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  • Alcohol Content: 40% by volume
  • Aroma: Fruity, Sweet
  • Brand: Rota 48
  • Color: Clear
  • Origin: Ivoti, Brazil
  • Producer: Weber Haus Distillery
  • Type: Vodka
  • Unique Characteristc: Organic
  • Unit Size: 1L
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Alcohol Content: 40% by vol.
Type: Vodka
Aroma: Fruity, Sweet
Color: Crystal clear
Origin: Ivoti, RS, Brazil
Producer: Destilaria Weber Haus
Rota 48 Vodka is a vodka of Brazilian origin known for using sugar cane as its main raw material. The distillation process is carefully carried out to preserve these distinctive notes and create a more complex experience for the palate.
One of the main advantages of using sugarcane is its quality as a raw material, as Brazil is one of the largest sugarcane producers in the world. In addition, sugar cane adds a smooth and sweet touch to vodka, making it an interesting option for those looking for something beyond the traditional neutrality of the drink.
The use of five-step distillation is a careful process that aims to obtain the maximum purity and quality of the vodka. Each successive distillation removes impurities and unwanted compounds, resulting in a smoother, cleaner drink. This process is one of Route 48’s distinguishing features and contributes to its reputation as a high-quality vodka that can be enjoyed both neat and in cocktails, providing a versatile base for a variety of drinks.

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